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Fact Sheet

This is a fact sheet about child obesity.  Not everyone knows why child obesity is such a large issue…they don’t know the facts!  Read on to find out why child obesity deserves attention and why it’s important to help kids stay on a track thats healthy.


To view the fact sheet as a printable PDF –> fact sheet revision


These are two infographics I made to bring to light one major aspect of the child obesity epidemic.

I chose to portray the information presented on the state infographic because I wanted to show that child obesity is a nationwide issue. The rates themselves for each individual state show that this issue is of epidemic proportions.


For this infographic I, again, wanted to portray how big of an issue child obesity is in the US.


Visual Arguments

These are two infographics that each emphasize a different aspect of the child obesity issue.  The goal for these images is to stimulate thinking for the people who view them. Are you helping your children be healthier with the foods you feed them or how you allow them to spend their free time?

pizza revisionSlide1


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