Getting Your Kids Excited About Exercising



Diet and exercise are a key combination to preventing obesity in children and adults. My last post mentioned some options for providing children with a healthy diet. So now lets explore the other half—physical activity.

Physical activity is essential to staying in shape. It burns calories and builds muscle. There are also many other benefits to kids participating in physical activity besides the fact that it controls weight. Some of these benefits are:

  • Strengthens the heart
  • Helps keep arteries and veins clear
  • Strengthens the lungs
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Strengthens bones
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves energy levels
  • Enhances emotional well-being

Clearly, it’s a good idea to get your kids into a regular exercise activity.  So what are some ways to get your kids to willingly exercise?

One option is the Cosmic Kids Yoga exercises.  Cosmic Kids Yoga is run by a lady named Jaime who lives right outside of London.  She went to the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School which explains the enthusiasm and theatrical nature of her videos.  She teaches yoga to adults as well as kids and has been making the Cosmic Kids videos since May of 2012.

Jaime’s videos will take kids on an adventure of yoga poses for that are sure to keep them entertained and interested in doing the exercises.

Her latest video was added two days ago and features her posture of the week, check it out!

Her most popular video has 882,600 views!

You can look at all of her videos here.

To take things in a different direction, here is a core strengthening exercise!

Physical activity is important for children for multiple reasons.  Now you have a start so you can get kids into a regular exercise routine!

Extra resources:

Check out Dr. John Ratey’s videos about children and exercise here.

Check out more child exercises on the physical activity board on the KidsGetHealthy Pinterest.


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The Road to a Healthier Thanksgiving



Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already right around the corner?  Thanksgiving dinner is probably the most anticipated and traditional meal of the year.  With it comes bloating, sleepiness, and maybe even a couple extra pounds.  Looking for ways to cut down on calories this Thanksgiving? Maybe you should be.  The average person eats 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving (3,000 come from the mean and 1,500 from drinks and snacks).  4,500 calories.  Wow!   Here’s some information to help you get on the right track to a healthier meal and fewer calories.

Some tips and tricks:

  • Drink water with your meal
  • Use spices and herbs instead of sugars and salts
  • Have fruits for desserts instead of pies (gasp!)
  • Use recipes with pureed fruits instead of butter and oils
  • Use skim evaporated milk instead of heavy cream (less fat)
  • Fill 1/4 the plate with vegetables
  • Use whole wheat flour instead of white flour
  • Use less gravy (a little bit goes a long way)

A snack for the kids:

Try out this fun turkey!  It’s a healthy way to hold them over until dinner and they can even help out with making it.


Side dishes under 200 calories:

For healthy, traditional Thanksgiving side recipes check out the Healthy Thanksgiving Menu.

Healthier desserts:

While you cook dinner, the kiddos in your family can fit in some exercise!  Have them do the “ABCs of yoga for kids” poses.  They’re fun, kid-friendly, and will keep them calm and quiet (hopefully).


With Thanksgiving just under a week away, there’s no better time than now to make the change to a healthier lifestyle.  Why not make your first healthy meal be the most looked-forward to meal of the year?

Happy Thanksgiving and happy eating!

For more recipes/information visit:

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