Background Info and Goals for Site


This is a memo to introduce the topic of child obesity and my goals for this website.

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  1. The History of Child Obesity as a Public Issue

It has been said that child obesity is “one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century” (“Child Obesity”). In the 1970’s, five percent of the children in the United States were obese. In the past three decades, the percentage of obese children ages two to nineteen in the US has more than doubled (“Child Obesity”). Whether or not someone is obese, is determined by measuring their height and weight and computing their body mass index. BMI is calculated the same for both adults and children. If the child’s BMI is greater than thirty, they are obese (“About BMI for Adults”).

This issue is one that occurs all over the globe. Wealthier countries are more at risk for their children to become obese. Although America does not lead the world in child obesity, they do place at number five on the list with nineteen percent of boys being obese and fifteen percent of girls being obese (“These Ten Countries Lead the World in Childhood Obesity”). There are many factors that increase chances of becoming obese such as environment, diet, exercise routine, genes, and lack of sleep (“What Causes Overweight and Obesity?”).

The future implications of a child dealing with obesity are plentiful and all negative. There are many long-term effects that can impact a child’s health as they grow into adolescents and eventually adults. Obese children are more likely to be obese as adults, thus making them more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, bone and joint problems, as well as various types of cancers (“Childhood Obesity Facts”).

  1. A Website to Challenge Child Obesity

To help lower the percentage of obese children, I propose a website dedicated to combating child obesity. The website will help to raise more awareness and provide guidelines for parents. This being said, the intended audience for this site will be parents. Featured on the site will be diet and exercise suggestions, programs that see preventing/fighting child obesity as a priority, and facts and statistics. Hopefully the facts and statistics will increase awareness in parents of non-obese children and make them take the necessary precautions. The remaining resources on the site will be primarily for parents with obese children who need guidelines on how to create a healthier lifestyle for their children.

  1. Plan

Research sources:


I am a credible source of information for this issue for various reasons. One being that I am very well researched on this topic. A healthy lifestyle is something that I have been researching for a while time now, as it is something that interests me. I know what I need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the repercussions of not following through with it. Along with what I had known previously, research I’ve done on various sites have helped to fill the gaps on in children in particular.

Available Information on the site:

  • Healthy, kid-friendly recipes
  • Healthy snacks
  • Fun activities that involve the whole family
  • Fun ways for kids to stay active
  • Information from campaigns about child obesity


The delivery of the information I plan to present is going to be varied. Some information will be presented in video and picture formats. This way there will be some interesting things that parents will want show their kids to get them excited to get fit/be healthier. Other information that is purely intended for parents will be written in article summaries. If the information isn’t something that parents are going to want to share with their kids, then a written piece will help me connect to them more.

  1. What the Future May Bring

The ideal outcome from this website would be kids who are happier and healthier. Hopefully parents will be more able to prevent childhood obesity and more willing to encourage their kids to get active and their families to get healthier because they will be more knowledgeable. In the future this website will adjust and adapt to the news on the child obesity front, and will hopefully be reporting lower percentages of obese children as the times change.



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