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Emily’s my name and child obesity is my game.

I was never big as a child so my interest in this topic didn’t come from personal experience.  It came about more recently and stemmed from my interest in fitness and nutrition.  I started becoming more active in fitness and nutrition in my later years of high school.

Every adolescent (males included) go through a time in their life when they’re concerned about their body image.  I’d by lying if I said I didn’t have one of these phases myself.  When seeing pictures of female physiques in the media I realized that the figures I desired most for myself were not the stick thin ones, but rather the lean and toned.  As a result, I started becoming more involved in exercise.  I spent time looking up exercises to work different areas of the body for the best guaranteed results.

Around this time, I started applying to colleges.  My dad is a retired dentist who received his bachelors degree in nutrition and dietetics.  Learning and understanding more about his education and his dietetics residency sparked my interest in nutrition.  I started to be more conscious of the quality and quantity of what I was eating.

So that’s how I got involved with fitness and nutrition personally.  The child obesity aspect came from coaching cheerleading and just everyday observations.

From my sophomore to senior year of high school I coached cheerleading to girls in elementary school.  My first year of coaching, I put a girl who was heavier in the front row during a dance.  I put her there because she was one of the best dancers.  It was apparent no one had ever placed her front and center before when her mom came up to me one day after practice and told me how much it meant to her.  She said that since she had been put up front, her daughter’s self-confidence level rose and it was noticeable in every aspect of her life (i.e. at home, school, etc.).  I never realized how much body image had an effect on kids as young as elementary school students.

After that, I could tell by just general observations in public that more and more children were becoming obese.  It was especially evident at places like public pools and beaches. Each year I saw my cousins around the holiday times at family gatherings it seemed like they kept getting bigger and bigger.

It became clear that this was not just a trend I was noticing, but a problem.  During further research I saw words such as “public issue”, “disease”, and even “epidemic”.  It was also clear that although child obesity is an issue, not many people recognize it as something that needs to take precedence in society.  So I decided to be someone who would be an advocate for child obesity.

This growing issue is often downplayed in the public’s eye and it is time for that to change.  The goal for this blog is to help fight and prevent child obesity.  Information and resources will be provided for parents to help prevent their child form becoming obese, or to help their child fight their obesity.  I want it to informative yet casual.  The vision I have is to provide parents information on various aspects such as the dangers, the causes, and why it is such a problem in today’s youth.  On the other hand, I want to help parents make their children healthier through diet and exercise.  Hopefully, awareness can be raised and the rates of child obesity will decrease!

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